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About Us


We are an employee owned business. 10 years ago a group of friends and work colleagues got together and decided to incorporate and own their jobs. We all originally worked in London’s in-plant print rooms spread all over the City. Clearly we couldn’t weld or heal people but, boy, could we print. What was amazing is how hard it was for everyone else.

Digital printing revolution helped us along. Today we are still a compact team but with a lot more equipment. Since we are our own bosses we have a sole aim in offering best possible service and for the best price.

“Everything that can become digital will become digital. Printing is no exception.” – Benny Landa

Our Approach

High volume digital colour and black & white copying is our core business. We specialise in producing training manuals, presentations, Health and Safety booklets and company policy manuals. Our current capacity is 260,000 colour A4 impressions per day.

An increasing number of organisations are abandoning their sprawling reprographics departments and out sourcing larger copying jobs.


Flexible Services

This flexibility of service ensures peaks in volume can easily be absorbed and a down turn in business is not penalised through fixed overheads. Our facility is an ‘on tap’ service and only paid for as and when used.

We offer a flexible service, responsive to your needs at trade prices. We do not require a contract or a minimum quantity and treat every request with equal importance. Most jobs are turned around within 48 hours.

I haven’t a clue how you did it but, in less than two days, I have the order delivered and, more to the point….. perfect.” – Ian McCalman

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